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Imagine exploring the core of Christian faith by zeroing in on the promises Jesus made during his time on earth. You’re about to embark on a journey through “What Jesus Promised He Would Do,” a thought-provoking piece designed to enlighten and inspire. This article, featured on—the original What Would Jesus Do? website—unpacks the profound declarations of Jesus, offering a deeper understanding of His commitments and how they shape the lives of believers. Get ready to connect with the heart of Jesus’ message in a way that’s both enlightening and personal.

What Jesus Promised He Would Do

Jesus Promised Spiritual Restoration

Promise of Forgiveness of Sins

You might often find yourself weighed down by your past mistakes, feeling like there’s no coming back. But here’s the good news: Jesus promised the forgiveness of sins. Imagine carrying a backpack filled with stones, each representing your wrong choices, and then all of a sudden, it’s lifted off your shoulders. That’s what Jesus offers – a fresh start, no matter where you’ve been or what you’ve done.

Promise of the Holy Spirit

After Jesus ascended, He didn’t leave you to figure things out on your own. Instead, He promised the Holy Spirit, a helper who would be with you always. Picture having a wise friend by your side, guiding your decisions, comforting you, and empowering you. That’s the role of the Holy Spirit in your life, making sure you’re never alone.

Promise to cleanse Believers from all unrighteousness

It’s more than just forgiveness; it’s about cleansing. Jesus didn’t just wipe the slate clean; He promised to purify you from all wrongs. It’s like getting a stain out of your favorite shirt, making it as good as new. This cleansing restores your relationship with God, making you righteous in His eyes.

Promise of a New Heart and a New Spirit

Ever wish you could change certain things about yourself? Jesus promised exactly that: a new heart and a new spirit. This isn’t about physical heart surgery but a transformation from the inside out, changing your desires, your thoughts, making you a reflection of His love.

Jesus Promised Eternal Life

Promise to Resurrect Believers to Eternal Life

Death isn’t the end of the story. Jesus made a stunning promise: to resurrect believers to eternal life. Imagine a future where death is just a doorway to an eternal, joyful existence with God. That’s the hope Jesus offers – an eternity that starts the moment you believe.

Promise to Give Eternal Life to those who Believe and Follow Him

Eternal life isn’t a prize for the perfect but a gift for the believers. Jesus promised that anyone who believes in Him and follows His teachings will inherit eternal life. It’s as simple and profound as making the choice to trust in Him and live out that faith in your everyday life.

Promise of Heavenly Dwelling Places

Ever wondered what’s beyond this life? Jesus painted a picture of heavenly dwellings prepared for those who follow Him. Think of the most beautiful place you’ve ever seen, then multiply that beauty infinitely. That’s what awaits you – a custom-prepared place in heaven, designed just for you.

Jesus as the Way, the Truth, and the Life

In a world filled with confusing paths and falsehoods, Jesus promised to be the way, the truth, and the life. No need to wander aimlessly or fall for lies; following Jesus leads to truth, life in its fullest, and the path straight to the heart of God.

Jesus Promised Divine Protection and Provision

God’s Provision and Care in Everyday Life

Worried about tomorrow? Jesus promises to provide for and care for you every day. Like a good shepherd looks after his sheep, Jesus watches over you, ensuring your needs are met. It teaches you to trust not in the paycheck or the pantry but in the one who provides all things.

Jesus’ Promise to Heal and to Save

When you’re broken, whether in body or spirit, Jesus promises healing and salvation. He has the power not only to mend your wounds but to save you completely. It’s a reminder that with Jesus, restoration is always possible—even from the most seemingly hopeless situations.

Jesus’ Assurance of Protection from Evil

In a world where evil seems rampant, Jesus promises protection. It’s not that you’ll never face challenges or adversity, but in the midst of storms, you have an assurance that you’re not fighting alone. Jesus stands with you, shielding you from the ultimate harm.

Jesus’ Promise of Peace that transcends Understanding

Ever long for peace in the chaos of life? Jesus promised a peace that doesn’t make sense in human terms – a calm in the heart, even when the storm rages on the outside. This peace doesn’t depend on circumstances but on the ever-present love and care of Jesus.

Jesus Promised a Relationship with the Father

Promise to Reveal the Father

Jesus came to show us exactly what God the Father is like. If you’ve ever wondered about God’s character, look at Jesus. He promised to reveal the Father, providing a clear picture of His love, mercy, and justice. Through Jesus, you get to know God intimately.

Promise of Direct Access to the Father through Prayer

You don’t need a special appointment or mediator to talk to God. Jesus promised direct access to the Father through prayer. Imagine having a direct line to the creator of the universe, where you can share your fears, dreams, and thanks anytime, anywhere.

Promise of Unity and Love with the Father

Jesus didn’t just come to introduce us to God; He promised unity and love with the Father. This means you’re not just a creation or servant but a beloved child of God, fully accepted and cherished. It’s about belonging to a divine family.

Promise of the Father’s Love for Believers

The foundation of Jesus’ promises is the Father’s love for you. Unconditional, unending, and unearned, God’s love is the bedrock of your relationship with Him. Knowing you’re loved by the Father changes how you see yourself and the world around you.

What Jesus Promised He Would Do

Jesus Promised His Second Coming

Promise to Return and Take His Followers to be with Him

Jesus promised not just a spiritual presence but a physical return. One day, He will come back and take His followers to be with Him forever. It’s a promise of hope and future, reminding you that this world is not the end—there’s something much greater waiting.

Promise to Judge the World

With Jesus’ return comes the promise of judgment. It’s a solemn reminder of accountability but also a promise of justice. A world where wrongs are made right, and truth prevails. For those who follow Jesus, it’s a comforting assurance that faith in Him leads to redemption, not condemnation.

Promise to Establish God’s Kingdom

Jesus promised to establish God’s kingdom—a world ruled by peace, love, and justice. It’s an exciting vision of the future, where God’s will is done perfectly, as in heaven, so on earth. This promise fuels hope for a world transformed by divine grace.

Promise of Renewed Creation and Life with God Forever

The story ends with a beautiful beginning: a renewed creation and eternal life with God. Jesus promised not just to fix what’s broken but to make all things new. Imagine living in a world without pain, sorrow, or death, enjoying God’s presence forever. That’s the ultimate promise.

Jesus Promised Freedom for the Oppressed

Promise to Cast out Evils and Heal the Infirm

Jesus’ ministry was marked by acts of freedom—casting out evils and healing the infirm. He promised to continue this liberation, offering freedom from physical, spiritual, and social ailments. It’s a profound assurance that oppression and sickness don’t have the final say.

Promise to Set the Oppressed Free

More than just temporary relief, Jesus promised to set the oppressed completely free. Whether it’s from harmful systems, addictions, or oppressive forces, Jesus declares liberty for the captives. It’s about experiencing true freedom, not just externally but deep within your soul.

Promise of Spiritual Freedom

Jesus offered freedom not just from external chains but from internal ones as well—sin, guilt, and shame. This spiritual freedom means living a life unburdened by the past, empowered to be who you were created to be. It’s the ultimate liberation, affecting every aspect of your life.

Promise of a New Order where there will be No Slavery or Oppression

Looking forward to the future, Jesus promised a new order—a kingdom where there’s no more slavery or oppression. It’s a vision of society founded on God’s values, where every person is valued, respected, and free. This promise fuels the fight against injustice, knowing that one day, it will all be made right.

What Jesus Promised He Would Do

Jesus Promised the Kingdom to those who Follow Him

Promise of the Fulfillment of the Kingdom of God

Jesus didn’t just announce the coming of God’s kingdom; He promised its fulfillment to those who follow Him. It means that the glimpses of God’s kingdom you see now—acts of love, justice, and peace—will one day be fully realized. It’s a promise of a world completely under God’s benevolent rule.

Promise of Living in the Reign of God

To those who follow Jesus, there’s the promise of living in the reign of God. It’s an invitation to a life characterized by the values of Jesus’ kingdom here and now, with the assurance of its full realization in the future. This means your life today is part of something much bigger—God’s grand story of redemption.

Jesus’ Call to Righteousness and a Heart Devoted to God

Jesus’ kingdom isn’t just about external conformity but a call to righteousness and a heart wholly devoted to God. It’s an invitation to transformation from the inside out, aligning your heart, mind, and actions with God’s will. This is the path to true fulfillment and joy.

Promise to Inherit the Kingdom Prepared from the Foundation of the World

Imagine being told that there’s a kingdom prepared just for you, since the world’s foundation. That’s Jesus’ promise—to inherit a kingdom designed with you in mind. It’s not just about entering a place but fulfilling your destiny as a child of God, fully known, fully loved, and fully alive.

Jesus Promised Answers to our Petitions in Prayer

Promise to Give Whatever is Asked for in His Name

Jesus made a bold promise: to give whatever is asked for in His name. It’s not a blank check for any whim, but a promise that prayers aligned with His will and character will be answered. It encourages boldness in prayer, knowing your requests are heard and will be responded to by a loving God.

Promise to Answer when we Call on Him

In your moments of need, confusion, or desperation, Jesus promised to answer when you call on Him. It’s not just about getting what you ask for but knowing you have His attention and care. Each prayer is an opportunity to deepen your relationship with Jesus, trusting in His good and perfect will.

Promise that God Will Give Good Things to those who Ask

You might worry about asking the wrong thing, but Jesus reassured that God will give good things to those who ask. Like a parent knows to give nourishing food instead of harmful substitutes, God discerns the true needs behind your requests, offering what is genuinely good.

Promise that Persistent Prayer will be Rewarded

Ever feel like giving up when answers seem delayed? Jesus encouraged persistence in prayer, promising it will be rewarded. It’s not about wearing God down with requests but persisting in faith, trusting that in due time, God’s answer will come, often in ways you didn’t expect but exactly what you needed.

Jesus Promised to Build His Church

Promise that the Gates of Hades will not Prevail Against it

Facing opposition and challenges, it’s comforting to know Jesus promised that the gates of Hades would not prevail against His church. It’s a declaration of victory and resilience, knowing that no force of evil can overcome God’s community of believers. The church is built on the rock-solid foundation of Jesus, and it will endure.

Promise of Spiritual Authority to the Church

Jesus not only promised protection but also bestowed spiritual authority to the church. It means you’re part of a community empowered to overcome evil and bring light to the darkness. This authority is exercised with love, service, and humility, following the example of Jesus.

Promise to be Present where Believers are Gathered in His Name

In your gatherings, big or small, Jesus promised to be present. It’s not just about attendance; it’s about experiencing the living Christ among you, guiding, speaking, and moving. This promise turns every gathering in His name into holy ground, a place of encounter with the divine.

Promise that His Word and Teachings will Endure Forever

In a world where trends come and go, Jesus’ words and teachings stand forever. It’s a promise of enduring truth and guidance. The teachings of Jesus aren’t just ancient wisdom but living words that continue to transform lives, societies, and history itself.

Jesus Promised Joy to His Followers

Promise of Abundant Joy in His Presence

Jesus doesn’t just offer happiness that’s dependent on circumstances but a deep, abiding joy in His presence. It’s a joy that thrives even in trials, rooted in the love, peace, and hope found in Him. This abundant joy is a taste of what awaits in the fullness of His Kingdom.

Promise of Joy that is Complete and Everlasting

The joy Jesus offers isn’t temporary or shallow—it’s complete and everlasting. It fills the deepest longings of your heart, outlasting any earthly pleasure or achievement. This joy doesn’t fade with time but grows deeper through your journey with Him.

Promise that no one can Take Away their Joy

In a world where so much can be taken from you, Jesus promised that no one can take away your joy. It’s a joy rooted not in material possessions or status but in your relationship with Him. No circumstance, hardship, or opposition can steal this profound, untouchable joy.

Promise of Joy in the Face of Trials and Suffering

Even when faced with trials and suffering, you’re promised joy. It seems paradoxical, but this joy comes from knowing you’re never alone, that God is working all things for good, and that suffering can produce perseverance, character, and hope. It’s seeing beyond the moment to the eternal joy that awaits.

Jesus’ promises are not just lofty ideals but tangible assurances that touch every part of your life. They offer hope, guidance, and comfort, transforming your present and illuminating your future. As you reflect on these promises, may you find renewed strength, purpose, and joy in your journey with Him.